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Volony Ömerli Malikaneleri İstanbul


Volony Ömerli Malikaneleri İstanbul

  • İlan No 7590
  • Eklenme Tarihi25.01.2023
  • Kategori Villa Projeleri
  • İlan Tipi Proje
  • Fiyat 2.400.000 - 7.800.000
  • Firma Adı Volony Ömerli

İlan Açıklaması

About the Project

Volony Omerli Mansions is a luxury living project consisting of only 85 private mansions on a land of 100,000 m², a forest area of 60.000 m² with untouched centuries-old trees, and a green area of 75.000 m² in total. Moreover, our project is among the most environmentally friendly projects in Turkiye. The magnificent mansions that we have equipped with the unique beauty of traditional European classical architecture and all the necessities of the modern age in Istanbul, the city of seven hills, will open their doors to you, our esteemed residents, in December 2021. Open your life not to a new villa, but to a new life in Ömerli Mansions. We offer you much more than a villa with high ceilings, bright and spacious rooms, wide corridors, and useful spaces meticulously designed to the smallest detail. Our Ömerli project consists of 5 different mansion types from 300 m² to 1500 m². ● Le Manoir ● Le Mansion ● La Villa - İkiz ● Le Chateu ● Le Palais Pure Natural Life ● Thanks to its habitat and without damaging any trees on its large land, “Omerli Malikaneleri” offers a unique option for natural life lovers. Each manor is designed as a work of art regarding building aesthetics. ● Our project presents an aesthetic design of the past while applying the best of timeless architectural understanding that also follows the evolution of our needs.

Good Old Days

● Broad streets, stylish sidewalks, and Promenades, where you can see examples in Milan, Paris, and London for shopping, cafes, fountains, camellias, parks, and areas equipped with magnificent design elements will give you the feeling of living in a different world. Beautiful Nature ● Enormous habitat with about 75,000 m2 of green space, oak trees witnessed centuries, redbud trees symbols of Istanbul, maples, bunch willows, jasmine, laurels, and magnolias. ● We offer a different flourished world. ● Each manor has its own style, soil, and nature at its purest, each season has a different color and texture here.

Sleep Well

● Omerli Manors are equipped with the latest security technologies such as 7/24 security services, fingerprint entry systems and 24/7 lighting with generators that have been established in common areas. ● Safe Buildings in Nature. We built radial foundations with special formwork and concrete on Jet Croud to combine traditional European classical architecture for a safe and spacious living space. ● “Earthquake warning system” is used first time in Turkiye with this project. We covered fireproof electrical installations, the most robust and new insulation systems with stylish and different concepts of exterior coatings. ● We brought together a safe environment with the most stylish designs. Travertine verandas and open and closed car parking areas in the manors are positioned to provide the best harmony with the architecture.

Place For Everything

● We have created very big parking slots without having cars on the sidewalks. Walking, and jogging will be very comfortable thanks to the indoor and outdoor parking areas of each mansion. ● We have established a world in which nobody is far from their vehicles, with at least 2 car parks in each manor. ● 30 minutes away from the crowded and noisy atmosphere of the city, you will discover a calm and peaceful world in the mid of the forest where you will feel far away.


Transportation to all parts of Istanbul is very easy with the proximity of Volony Omerli mansions to the Northern Marmara Highway… ● Alev Schools 1 Km ● Bahçeşehir College 1 Km ● North Marmara Highway 5 Km ● SEV College 9 Km ● ELEV Schools 9 Km ● Ozyegin University 9 Km ● Cekmekoy Metro (Subway) 17 Km ● Buyaka Shopping Center 25 Km ● Sabiha Gokcen Airport 30 Km ● Istanbul Airport 64 Km

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